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Thriving Against the Odds: The MYITEDU Chronicle

In the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jon Toshmatov saw how hard life had become for everyone. People were worried about the future, feeling down, and not sure what to do next. But Jon wanted to bring some positivity. Drawing from his 17-18 years of experience in IT, from working in small companies to giant ones like IBM, he decided to help others learn about programming and technology. That's how MYITEDU was born. Today, MYITEDU doesn't just teach IT skills; it also helps build software, websites, and more for people in New York and beyond.

With 18+ Years Of Experience. We Offer IT Solutions , Digital Technology Service

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Bringing New York's IT Solutions to the Global Stage

Unlock innovative IT solutions tailored to your needs with our expertise from New York. From development to consulting, we deliver comprehensive services, bridging the gap between local excellence and global impact.


IT Consulting

Expert guidance for optimizing IT strategies and solutions to drive business success and innovation.

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Cloud Computing

Harnessing AWS services for scalable, secure, and efficient cloud computing solutions tailored to your business needs

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Web Development

Crafting bespoke web solutions with cutting-edge technologies to elevate your online presence and drive success.

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Real-Time Monitoring And Your Infrastructure Based IT Solutions







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