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The Scholarships

Dear potential international students,

Here you can find a list of fully funded scholarships offered by universities and colleges around the world.
Go to the links below, read the instructions, and apply for them.

We wish you good luck, and do not forget to share our site with your friends.

ID Category Website
44928 Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp zabeth-commonwealth- scholarship-2025/
44927 University of Aberdeen Global Scholarship In UK 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp y-of-aberdeen-global -scholarship/
44926 UCL Global Masters Scholarship In the UK 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp l-masters-scholarshi p-2025/
44925 London South Bank University Merit Scholarship In UK 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp uth-bank-university- scholarship/
44924 Commonwealth Shared Scholarship In UK 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp lth-shared-scholarsh ip-2025/
44923 Saïd Foundation Scholarships In UK 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp dation-scholarships/
44922 Holland-Zuyd Excellence Scholarship (H-ZES) In The Netherlands (Funded) https://opportunityp uyd-excellence-schol arship/
44921 Erasmus University Scholarship In Netherlands 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp niversity-scholarshi p/
44920 Orange Knowledge Program In Netherlands 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp owledge-programme/
44919 Twente University Netherlands Scholarship 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityp holarship-2025/
44918 Masters Scholarships At Delft University Netherlands In 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp -university-eric-ble umink-scholarship/
44917 Boston University Scholarships In USA 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp iversity-scholarship s/
44916 University of Mississippi USA Scholarship 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp y-of-mississippi-usa -scholarship-2025/
44915 The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program In USA 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp humphrey-fellowship/
44914 Miami University Presidential Scholarships In USA 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp versity-presidential -scholarship/
44913 Harvard Radcliffe Institute Scholarships In USA 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp adcliffe-institute-f ellowship/
44912 York University International Scholarship In Canada 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp ersity-international -entrance-scholarshi p/
44911 University of Ottawa Scholarships in Canada 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityp y-of-ottawa-scholars hips/
44910 Brock University Scholarship In Canada 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityp versity-scholarship/
44909 University of Calgary Entrance Scholarship In Canada (Funded) https://opportunityp ntrance-scholarships /
44908 5000 University of Toronto Scholarship in Canada (Fully Funded) https://future.utoro nt-application-dates /
44907 McGill University Scholarships In Canada 2025 (Fully Funded) https://www.mcgill.c a/undergraduate-admi ssions/apply

Scholarships Quiz

Question 1:

What is a common requirement for fully funded scholarships?

Question 2:

Which country is known for offering the Erasmus Scholarship?

Question 3:

Which university offers the Radcliffe Institute Scholarships?

Question 4:

What type of expenses do fully funded scholarships usually cover?

Question 5:

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is offered in which country?

Question 6:

Which scholarship program is specifically for students from developing countries?

Question 7:

Which university is known for its Holland-Zuyd Excellence Scholarship?

Question 8:

Which of the following scholarships is offered in the USA?

Question 9:

Which scholarship is aimed at graduate students wanting to study in the Netherlands?

Question 10:

Which university in Canada offers the University of Ottawa Scholarships?