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Our Services


📄 Document Translation Services

Translate documents to and from English, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkish, and more.

🛂 Immigration Assistance

Help with filling out petitions, forms, and preparing for interviews.

🗣️ Language Instruction (English, Russian, Uzbek)

Learn English, Russian, and Uzbek with our experienced instructors.

📚 SAT and Test Preparation

Prepare high school students for the SAT or any other tests and exams.

💼 Data Entry and Information Collection

Data entry, data scrubbing, and collecting information about companies, products, and people.

🔒 Device Security Services

Secure your computers, tablets, phones, and other devices from hackers and unwanted intrusions.

🖨️ High-Quality Printing Services

Make and print high-quality business cards, brochures, flyers, logos, and banners.

🎓 School Transfer Assistance

Assist you in transferring to US universities or colleges.

💻 MacBook Repair and Optimization

Fix MacBook laptops, reinstall iOS, apply security measures, and speed up performance.

⚖️ Legal Case Support and Translation

Support with your legal cases, act as a translator, and accompany you to court (not as lawyers).

🌐 Professional Website Development

Develop a professional website for your business to accept orders online and sell your services.

📈 Marketing and Online Positioning

Market your products and services and improve your marketing positions online.

📱 Social Media Management

Increase organic followers, likes, comments, and improve your social media ranking.

📞 Support Hotline

Phone conversations for support and guidance through tough times. Confidentiality guaranteed.

✈️ Airport Meet and Greet

Meet and greet someone at the airport and act as a city guide.

📲 Mobile Application Development

Build mobile applications for both Apple and Android platforms.

🎉 Event Invitation Services

Help with creating invitations for weddings, birthdays, gender reveals, retirement parties, and more.

👨‍💻 Programming Instruction for Adults and Kids

Teach programming with affordable monthly payment plans for adults and kids.

🛒 E-commerce Solutions

Create shopping carts, calculators, online shipping tools, and API integration for new or existing apps.

📡 IoT Technology Setup

Set up and install IoT technologies such as security cams, dashcams, security signals, baby monitors, spy cams, and more.

💡 Technology Recommendations

Recommend technologies and applications that suit your needs.

📖 Memoir and Story Writing Assistance

Assist you in writing memoirs, books, and stories in English, Russian, and Uzbek.

🎬 Acting Opportunities in Uzbek Films

Help you become an actor or actress in Uzbek films and drama series.

📢 Event and Social Media Organization

Organize concerts, weddings, birthday parties, advertisements, and social media announcements.

🏢 Business Setup and Licensing

Set up your own business legally, obtain insurance, and get necessary licenses in New York.

🏠 Real Estate Assistance

Find apartments and offices for your residence or business at affordable prices.

📊 Credit Score Improvement

Help you improve your credit score.

🤝 Contract and Deal Negotiation

Assist in negotiating contracts, deals, and sales.

🌍 Travel/Business Companion Services

Accompany you to events, business meetings, or any other events.

🛍️ Online Store Setup

Create an online store on Amazon, eBay, or other markets and set it up for profit.

👩‍💻 Coding Instruction for Teens

Teach your children (15+) to code and learn programming fundamentals.

💰 Credit Collection Assistance

Help you collect credit/money from individuals or organizations like a collection agent.

🏡 Landlord Negotiation Services

Negotiate with your landlord regarding leasing terms, late payments, eviction notices, and more.

™️ Trademark and Copyright Assistance

Help you apply for trademarks and copyrights for your services and products in the US and worldwide.

💼 Hourly Consultation Services ($70 - $100)

Offer hourly consultation services ranging from $70 to $100 depending on the topic and complexity of your case.