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Experienced Private Tutor Wanted!
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Experienced Private Tutor Wanted!

Experienced Private Tutor Wanted!

Are you a passionate educator with a knack for making learning fun? ? Do you speak both English and Russian fluently and have the math skills to help 1st graders excel? ?✨ If yes, we want you!

Here's your chance to inspire young minds!

Job Requirements:

  • ✅ Fluent in English and Russian
  • ✅ Basic math skills for 1st graders
  • ✅ Enthusiasm for teaching
  • ✅ Access to Zoom for online classes

What You'll Do:

  • ? Assist kids with homework
  • ? Make learning math a breeze
  • ? Encourage a love for learning
  • ? Spark their curiosity

Why Choose Us:

  • ? Flexible payment options
  • ? Online classes via Zoom
  • ? Reach students from anywhere
  • ? Work around your schedule

Ready to inspire the next generation? ? Reply to our telegram with a video introducing yourself and sharing your teaching background. Let's make learning an adventure together! ?

Payment options: Uzbek So'm, US Dollar (Payme, Click, Visa/Mastercard)

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